The Celebrity Foundation for Children is a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to protect and develop the health, welfare and education of children. To this end, the foundation develops further programs to strengthen the family. The Celebrity Foundation is unique in that it is operated with no payroll. All directors, officers and staff are volunteers, so the operation expenses are among the lowest of any national program.

Celebrity Ranch is operated by the Celebrity Foundation for Children. A real working ranch of animals in agriculture in the beautiful wine country of Temecula, California. Children in need are invited free of charge to experience a wonderful weekend retreat.


"My Favorite Place in California"

By Jillian Goson

 There are many great places in California, but there is one in particular that makes my heart sing every time I go there. That wonderful place is called the Celebrity Ranch. The ranch sits on eighty-two acres among the wine vinyards in Temecula. My favorite place in California is the Celebrity Ranch because it was created to give inner city under privileged children, as well as children of the armed forces, a place to camp and relax. I also like it because there are fun activities and fundraisers for the kids and their families to come and play for free, such as polo games. . . . TO READ MORE, CLICK HERE!